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  • Feeding your cat

    Combination feeding is literally that, where you use a combination of meal and free feeding.  Combination feeding has the benefit of allowing your cat to eat small meals of dry cat throughout the day and monitor your cats wet food intake.
  • Adorable Cat Breeds Two

    Abyssinians are considered to resemble the cats from ancient Egypt that are captured in hieroglyphs.  While not being a lap cat, Abyssinians are loyal and affectionate.  Abyssinians are people-oriented cats who like to participate in the activities taking place around them.
  • Adorable Cat Breeds

    So you want to get a certain type of breed of cat.  But what kind of breed of cat is right for you, do you go with the one that has lots of hair like the Maine Coon,
  • Litter Boxes! It's ok, they stink!

    Ok, so you've got your new little fur ball and now have to setup a litter box for her.  Well the dilemma sets in.  Do I buy small, medium or large?  Do I go with the manual plastic box, or do I spend hundreds (if not thousands) of hard earned money on one of those robotic kinds?!  
  • Raising Kitten Part 4

    Almost no animal likes going to the doctor, even humans.  But it is a necessary part of the animals well being.  You would rather know if something is going to harm your pet, then not know.
  • Taking Care of Kitten - The two to four month old AKA The Terrible Two's part 2


    It seems like a no brainer that petting your kitten/cat is something you do, but it should be done because as stated in my previous post Taking Care of Kitten - The two to four month old AKA The Terrible Two's cats are sociable animals and grooming, or petting in this case, is a big part of a cats life, plus you get to hear that soothing sound they make.

  • Taking Care of Kitten - The two to four month old AKA The Terrible Two's

    All cats need playtime, whether young or old they need some play time.  This is so true when it comes to kittens.  Kittens have way more energy, and depending on your cat breed, you may need to spend a lot of time burning that energy off.
  • Taking care of kitten - a kitten 101

    Just like human babies and young children have vast differences compared to a teenager, so too do kittens have difference from a kitten who is entering adulthood
  • Why do cats purr

    Ever wondered why your cat purrs? According to my research, a cat purrs for a number of reasons: Click to find out.
  • Why does your cat stare at you?!

    Your cat stares at you intently, ever wonder why.  Check this post out and wonder no more.
  • Collars v harness

    Want to put your cat outside, but not sure whether to use a collar or a vest.  Find out here.
  • Silks Cat Store and our Mission

    Learn why I got started in starting an e-commerce store