Adorable Cat Breeds

What kinds of breed of cat are there?

So you want to get a certain type of breed of cat.  But what kind of breed of cat is right for you, do you go with the one that has lots of hair like the Maine Coon, known for its long and luxurious coat, or do you go with the domestic short hair with its ideal disposition and keen intelligence or perhaps you like those without any fur at all.  Well we are about to delve into the world of cat breeds.

What breeds are there?

So the next thing we need to look at is what types of breeds are there.  According to the Pet Health Zone of Nation Wide (the insurance company) there are ten breeds that are considered the top ten, and they are:

Exotic Short Hair

Exotic Short Hair Kitten
Exotic Short Hair


The exotic short hair is considered to be the number one breed for cat lovers.  While they mimic their Persian counterpart in every area but one, and that is their coat.  The Persian coat tends to be longer and thicker.  So the Shorthair makes a good cat for those people who want the Persian temperament, but without all of the work that is needed in grooming their coat.  The Exotics tends to mimic the Persian personality, sweet, affectional and loyal.  Often times you will hear owners of the Exotic saying that their cat will follow them from room to room.

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Ragdoll kitten


The Ragdoll is affectionately known as the puppy-cat.  This is due in part to their affectionate nature.  The Ragdoll gets its name from the fact of how they tend to go limp when lying in a persons lap or arms.

This breed is known to be extremely affectionate often following their owners around the house and either flopping next to their owners or sleeping with them.  This breed is known to be very well with children and other pets and there are some that can be trained just like a dog.

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British Shorthair

British Shorthair cat
British Shorthair kitten


According to legend, it is believed that the Romans brought the British Shorthair to England during the first century, years later it was mixed with the Persian cat changing the look of the British Shorthair and improving the quality of its fur.

Probably due impart to its haunting look, the British shorthair has often been depicted in film, television and books.  For example, if you've ever seen the Whiskas commercial, you will notice that the cats the often use is a British shorthair, or in Stephen King's book Pet Cemetery, the cat is a British Shorthair.

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Persian Kittens
Persian cat


Known for their laid back personalities and their sweet faces, Persians are known for being creatures of habits making them the most popular breed for cat fanciers.

The Persian cat is not only the most popular breed, it has been around the longest.  Ancient hieroglyphs date this cat breed as far back 1684 BC.  Thought to have originated in Persia (Now Iran), the cats were named after their beloved country of origin.  Although the Persian has evolved over time, the one thing that has remained is its fur.  The fur needs to be groomed daily with once or twice a month bathing's to keep the fur healthy and clean.

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Maine Coon

Maine Coon
Maine Coon


Referred to as a gentle giant, Maine Coons are the oldest breed of North American cat.  Maine Coons are known for the intelligence, playfulness and size (19" to 39", nose to tail).  

Maine Coons appearance can look ragged and rugged looking.  A fully grown male Maine Coon can weight as much as 30 lbs with females weighting a little less.  Maine Coons tend to stop growing by age 3 to 5.  Maine Coons are extremely intelligent making them an easy breed to train.  They will come when called.  And they will actually play catch.

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