Feeding your cat

Feeding your cat

Feeding a cat can seem like a simple thing to do, right?  You simply put down some food and walk away.  Well in fact in can be a bit daunting for some owners, both new and old.  No two cats are alike.  One cat may love wet cat food only, while the other may only love dry.  Others like both.  Then there is the what time to feed them, where and even how.

When is the right time to feed your cat

Should you feed her in the morning, noon or at night?  How about all three, or morning then night?  Every cat is different, and unfortunately they don't come with a manual.  It would be nice if they did, maybe we could understand why they stick their butts in your face when you're working.

Cat Eating Food

According to the HIll's pet food manufacturing website, there are three different ways to feed your cat.  Meal feeding, free feeding and combination feeding.  I will briefly discuss what these mean.

Meal Feeding is when you plan out your cats meals for them at specific times throughout the day.  Is morning right?  Or noontime?  Or evening?  Well, the truth is it is really up to your cat.  Maybe they don't want to eat early in the morning, perhaps they want to sleep in because they've been going all night long.  Remember, your feline friend is a nocturnal animal.  

The advantage to this type of feeding is you have control over how much food you give your cat which can help prevent obesity, diabetes and other diseases. This of course is predicated on the fact that your cat is an eater and you need to exert control over what your cat is eating.

The disadvantage to this is your cat could end up begging for food.

My recommendation for this type of feeding is you can try cat feeders that will open at certain times throughout the day. There are also kinds of feeders that open at certain times, but can also change the type of cat food you are offering.

Cat Eating Wet Food

Free feeding is when you fill a dish up with food that your cat can eat throughout the day.  The main disadvantage to this is that you have no control over how much food your cat is eating throughout the day, especially if you have two cats where one cat only eats small amounts throughout the whole day and the other will eat anything that is put in front of it.  You can combat this with the purchase of a feeder that uses an rfid tag that you put around your cats neck.

Combination feeding is literally that, where you use a combination of meal and free feeding.  Combination feeding has the benefit of allowing your cat to eat small meals of dry cat throughout the day and monitor your cats wet food intake.

In the end I recommend that you consult your cats vet to determine what it's caloric intake should be, most especially if you have a cat that is obese.

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