Taking care of kitten - a kitten 101

Taz: Dad?
Me: Yes
Taz: Can we get some ice cream?
Me: Ok.  What flavour do you want?
Taz: A mice cream cone.


Kittens, the early beginnings of a cats life.  The stage where kitten learns how to become a cat.  But what happens in between kitten and cat?

Well, the kitten needs to learn how to behave properly, not only with other cats, but also you the pet owner.  It is your responsibility after all to take this little life and bring her to adulthood.

Don't think of your kitten like a human child

Just like human babies and young children have vast differences compared to a teenager, so too do kittens have difference from a kitten who is entering adulthood.  

This post assumes your kitten is 8 weeks or older, if you have a kitten under eight weeks, please go to Shelter Medicine - School for Veterinarian Medicine for more info on how to raise kittens under the eight week mark.

Three Kittens

For those of us not raising infant kittens, there are still a lot for you to do.  At the eight to eleven week threshold, kittens have been weened off mother's milk and should start a kitten diet.  This should be energy dense, rich in protein and digestible.

Most owners feed their kittens kitten food which is far easier to digest than adult food.  But if for some reason you are in a pinch and you can't get your hands on some kitten food.  A little water in the bottom of the bowl add the adult cat food and let the food absorb the water and kitten will be able to to eat it.  Do this only until you are able to get kitten food.


Be careful not to make this a regular exercise, as kitten food is very much different to adult cat food.  There are vitamins and minerals specifically formulated for kittens.  Plus kitten food is easier for kitten to eat given the state of their tiny teeth.

 Stay tuned for next weeks post - Taking Care of Kitten - The two to four month old AKA The Terrible Two's

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