Raising Kitten Part 4

  • Silk: Dad?!
  • Me: Yes?
  • Silk: I wanna go out!  I wanna go out!
  • Me: Ok **Opens door**
  • Silks: It's a great day to be outside.  **The wind blows a leaf**
  • Silk: A leaf touched me!  I'm going in!

Raising Kitten Part 4

The Dreaded Vet Visit

Almost no animal likes going to the doctor, even humans.  But it is a necessary part of the animals well being.  You would rather know if something is going to harm your pet, then not know.  So getting your kitten to their first vet visit is very important.  And it will help kitty get use to the vet, and her visits will become easy as time goes by.

Kitten being examined by vet

Heartworms and Fleas

While deworming your cat is important, it's not as important than making sure your cat gets its flea shot.  Some vets may suggest a topical treatment (rubbed onto the fur and skin) while others will recommend getting the shot.  I am no vet, but I prefer the flea shot, it may be a little more money, but this way you know your animal is protected.

Vaccines -- Not just for humans

Vaccines are not just for humans.  Cats can get very terrible diseases that can end their lives far too soon.  So please get your cat vaccinated.  Some of the more deadlier diseases included feline leukemia, rabbis and distemper.  Your vet will explain to you the protocol needed to complete your kittens vaccination schedule.  And he or she may also recommend other types of vaccines.

Kitten and the vet

Thanks once again for tuning into this series on raising your kitten.  For more information please go to petfinder for more information and resources on not only how to raise a kitten, but also other animals.

For all your cat needs, or if you simply want to get something for yourself, please visit silkscatstore.

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