Silks Cat Store and our Mission

Welcome to my blog

I would like to welcome you to my site.  My name is Jamie and I am the owner and operator of SIlks Cat Store.  I have been a cat owner for many years now.  My first cat was an all black female named Cinder.  I got Cinder when I was 13 at the same time my mother was sick with cancer.  
My mother passed on, and about a year later Cinder joined her.  Cinder was a very loving, loyal and affectionate cat.  She was mauled by two dogs and died later at the vets.  From that point on, I never wanted another cat.
Fate intervened, my father remarried to a woman who had two cats.  Their names were Suxi (Pronounced Suzy) who was my stepmother's daughter's cat.  The other was a large male named Boots.  If my father had never remarried, I would never have fallen in love with Suxie.  
About a decade later, my stepmother (Hereinafter known as mother) decided to get me, as a Christmas gift a cat.  I was apprehensive at first for reasons I don’t wish to go into here.  But we went to SPCA, and I picked out Quierrie, you pronounce it like “curious” without the “ous” part.  Quierrie was a light grey tabby male that I had for 19 years before he passed on, he was my best non-human friend.  I miss him a lot.
Now I have Silk and her sister Taz.  I found them in a Kijiji ad.  The picture makes them both look black, but they are in fact very very dark grey.  Silk is the smarter of the two, but Taz is fun and very affectionate, especially if you scratch her ears, if you do that you will have a friend for life.
The reason I created silks cat store was 1) I like cats, bit of a no brainer there, but also (2) because I wanted to be able to move good products to people who have cats and want to make sure that they have a good, long and healthy life through the products that I do sell.  Not only do I want to help cats, but I also sell items for humans as well.
One of my product lines is based on Taz, Taz was the inspiration for my “Chonky” cat line of T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and coffee mugs.  A friend of mine was helping me set up my new tv that I had purchased that day and Taz came by and he said “Isn’t she the cutest little Chonky.”  I asked what that meant and he told me it means a cat who is overweight.
Taz and Silk Sleeping Together
This picture here is of Taz and Silk.  Silk is the one on the right.  Take a good hard look because Silk doesn’t like taking pictures.  Taz on the other hand is quite comfortable in front of the camera.  Rarer still is the two of them sleeping together.
So the hope with this blog is that I will sometimes be talking about the products I have, products I might be adding or how to generally look after cats.  For example, a blog post I might write about is how to clean your litter pan.  I am hoping for a weekly posting, with Monday’s being the target day.
I encourage you to write a comment below and let me know what you think of this my first blog.  Thank you.

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