Taking Care of Kitten - The two to four month old AKA The Terrible Two's

Me: Taz?

Taz: Yeah dad?

Me: What was that fight between you and Silk about?

Taz: Em....nothing.

Me: Well maybe you should hiss and make up.

Entering the terrible twos

So you're entering that period of time where your kitten is starting to grow and become more rambunctious.  Curtains get climbed, things get knocked over and maybe broken.  Now is the time to train kitty so that when she becomes an adult she is playing correctly.

All cats need playtime, whether young or old they need some play time.  This is so true when it comes to kittens.  Kittens have way more energy, and depending on your cat breed, you may need to spend a lot of time burning that energy off.

The other reason for play is for distraction purposes.  For example, if kitty is bitting, scratching or knocking your items off shelves or counter tops.  Distraction play will help with this type of "inappropriate" behavior.

Playing Kitten

Ways of distraction would be toys or treats.  If your cat is doing something you don't want her to do, simply give her a toy to chase.  Reward good behaviour with treats.

Socialize Socialize Socialize

Cats are very social creatures, believe it or not.  They play with each other and they will even groom each other.  Ever since the cat has become domesticated and forced to live in situations that they would normally not be in.  We now have a duty to provide some type of socialization.  So what does this entail?  Well if you live in a busy house, let the cat become accustom to the smells, sounds and other animals in your home.

And again, reward good behaviour with treats and distract bad behaviour with toys.

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