Why does your cat stare at you?!

Me: **Why is Taz just staring at me?**

Taz: **I hope he hasn't figured out why I'm staring at him**


So have you ever been sitting at your desk, or watching tv or reading a book only to catch your feline fur baby just staring intently at you?  I have on many occasions found my cat Taz just staring at me.  Now as humans, we generally don't find it comfortable when someone stares at us.  And we want to remove ourselves from that situation.


But why do our cats stare at us?

Cat Staring - Cat affection

Well the first, and probably most obvious, is that they are showing love for us.  While cats will meow at us to grab our attention, especially if they are hungry.  Our cats tend to be more non-verbal with their love for us.

Staring is just one of them.  Others include head butting, or bunting, even sticking their bums in our face is another common way.  Have you ever been reading or working on something and suddenly there is the tail (no pun intended) end of a cat staring you in your face, well that is just a cat's way of saying “I love you, and I want you to pay attention to me.”  Blinking, or winking, is also another way.

Another reason that your cat stares at us is simply to tell us, they are hungry.  Many times, aside from when she is showing affection towards me, have I found myself with this fur eating machine staring at me so much as to say “I’m hungry! Insert food!”  

Is your cat ready to strike first, strike hard, with no mercy?

If you see your cat staring at you and her body is rigid and her tale is swishing aggressively, then chances are you may be about to get attacked.  If you ever see this pose, back away slowly and avert your eyes, or distract kitty with a toy or treat.  Especially if this is an ongoing problem you have with your cat.

If this is the case, as stated earlier, instead of backing away slowly grab a toy and try to distract your kitty in the hopes that this will calm your cat down.  Once kitty is calm, try to resume normal play to diffuse your cats pent up energy.

Scaredy cats, give them space

Scared Cat

If you see your cat on the floor with its body as close to the floor as possible with their tail tucked and staring with wide pupils, this is a strong indication that they are scared.  It can also mean they are “on the hunt”, but the tail will not be tucked in the case.

So how did kitty become scared, well it could be several factors.  Perhaps you are watching “THE BIG GAME!”, and you end up cheering because your team scored the winning goal and you inadvertently scared kitty.  Or perhaps you knocked something onto the floor making a loud noise.  This will most definitely make your cat run for the hills.  Remember, cats don’t like loud noises.  Or they could have heard something outside that scared them.

In some situations, you can give kitty a toy, or some treats, but in my experience when my cats have ever become scared the best thing to do is to first reassure kitty that it is not their fault, and then leave them alone.  If you want, you can give them a treat or a toy, but space is what they are most likely after.

 Thank you for reading.  If you have time I recommend stopping by my store Silks Cat Store.


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