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A human-to-pet experience like no other, Silks Cat Store represents everything pet owners stand for. Our main goal at Silks Cat Store is to bring safety and comfort for all of our pets.  From our signature product, "TrueLove Dog Seat Belt", pet carriers for cars, stair cases for senior pets, self grooming and more.  Each product was researched with pets in mind . Not only that, but we are doing it with an act of kindness towards other pets in need across the globe. Let me share my story with you.
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My Story

I started Silks Cat Store primarily to help animals - that's as simple as it gets. Repeatedly, I've been made aware of animal cruelty occurrences around the world, and I decided that I wanted to play my part in ending this cruelty, no matter how small that part may be. According to the Humane Society, there are around 1 million pets in the United States alone that are assaulted or killed every year. I firmly believe this needs to stop. These pets are crying out for help, and we can make the change to stop it.

To treat animals with the respect, love, kindness, and compassion that they show us and what they truly deserve is at the forefront of my brand. We depend on them for affection and compassion, and it only makes sense that they get the same thing in return.

Cats have been in my life for a while now, but did you know they were once worshipped as gods by ancient Egyptians and other cultures? In fact, they thought of them as good luck symbols for those who kept them as pets, and many revered them as magical creatures.

Today, this belief has been lost, but I still think otherwise. Cats, and pets as a whole, deserve the loyalty and companionship that they give us, too, and now I have a special way to share this with the world!

My Difference

To make this anti-cruelty mission plausible, 10% of all sales made on Silks Cat Store go to helping animal shelters that are fighting for this cause, just as I am.
Animal shelters are devoted to giving care and shelter for animals that are homeless, unwanted, or abused, determined to find them their next forever home. Virtually all animal shelters are non-profit organizations that depend on donations or adoption fees to function properly, and that's where I come in to try to help as much as possible.

They do more for struggling animals than we can even imagine, and a little amount can go a long way in ensuring more and more pets find a new family that genuinely loves them.

Premium, Affordable, & Stylish Products

Every product and design is carefully thought out before being launched. These are heavily researched, and I utilize wholesalers who provide these products directly to you - the customer. Typically, this would cost quite a large amount of money, but I am able to pass these savings onto you. 

Whether you love travelling in short or long trips and don't like using those bulky cages, we have our TrueLove dog seat belt and pet carriers that make it so that travelling with your pet is much easier.  Or maybe your pet is a little overweight, or older, then our pet stairs is the right choice for you. Whatever your pet concerns are, I'm sure we have it.

Discover more interesting facts and information about cats over at Silks Blog, and be sure to check out my cat-inspired content on Facebook and Instagram, too!